Training teachers in robotics for science and technology dissemination: A Brazilian case study

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Rafael Marengo
Bruna Fontes Ferreira
Morgana Reis Cabral
Ricardo Rodrigues Magalhães


There is a high demand for technical professionals in engineering and related areas, but there are not enough professionals to fill these needs, especially in developing countries such as in Brazil. Abilities of communication, teamwork and leadership are part of the graduating engineers’ curriculum, but students normally have a lack of these abilities due to difficulties in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Many solutions can be implemented in order to change this scenario and robotics is an alternative. Based on that, robotics education as teaching methodology leads students to search for problem logical solutions. This paper is aimed on how robotics can help children learn STEM subjects and presents a training system for robotics involving teachers and students from public schools and tutors from university. As methodology, it was tested the knowledge acquired in weekly meetings between engineering students (tutors) and teachers/students from public schools. Results highlighted the introduction of robotics education in public schools learning process. It can imply on improvements for engineering courses and new robot applications in industries.

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